Charges filed for Ellis County mail theft

Charges have been filed in Ellis County District Court against two individuals from Hays accused of looting rural mail boxes. The suspects, 32-year-old Jeremy Tryon and 36-year-old Heather Page-Hilton, both have been charged with seven counts of mail theft in Ellis County.

Hilton is also charged with possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving under the influence of a drug or combination of drugs.

The two were arrested Dec. 24 following a tip from a resident who called the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department to report suspicious activity around mailboxes east of Hays.  Preliminary hearings have not yet been scheduled.

  • charges filed

    Keep in mind charges are filed but not proven guilty.

    • Someonewhosawsumthn

      But they have them with the stolen mail in the vehicle

      • charges filed

        how do you know that ?

        • charges filed

          how do you know that??

          • charges filed

            that’s what i thought, no comment.

          • Someonewhosawsumthn

            Wait for the evidentiary hearing if you didn’t get anything stolen from you I guess.

          • charges filed

            i have not seen nor read any of the evidence, have not seen or read police reports, nor lab results on drugs or drug usage, just have not seen or heard any of it. i would like to i guess.

  • other shoe

    Why are comments allowed for these losers but no comments are allowed for the Trego school board president? Is he a higher class of pusher???

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      what’s the point of comments at all? they don’t ever add to the conversation. It’s just people running their mouths, saying things that are typically irrelevant. Just another example of HaysPost doing a poor job of monitoring posts. Negative posts may be deleted, but not until they have been up for hours. Why not have posts submitted and cleared for approval before they go live? or why not have people log in through their facebook, that way they can’t be anonymous internet trolls, making comments about how people look, who their parents are, etc. Pathetic how people behave behind a monitor.

      (Again, I will not use my real name for safety. But, then again, I’m not personally attacking anyone like a lot of other commentors on this site. Gossip hounds.)

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        Base on your post, I have no idea why you even look at the comments. Must be some reason you come in and sneak a peek. Maybe it satisfies the voyeur in you, like a modern day peeping Tom. Happy peeping.

        • Lynn

          someone has to have a moral compass.

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            Morality is subjective. The moral principles that people claim to be “objective” usually coincide with what they feel to be subjectively true.

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            well put even though i have no idea what you just said.

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        lynn. not using your real name because of safety? what, if we find out your name we’re all gonna toilet paper your house?? but if you insist. if you won’t post your name, neither will I. i worry about my safety.

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        Then why are you on the comments with the gossip hounds? Because you want to see what they are saying and it is is obvious you know these people, I have not seen you try to protect any other from the comments. It is not hays post doing a poor job, they are protecting a right given in the constitution I do not see bad language just statements some may see as offensive. And the whole not using your real name crap is really pathetic, i know you probably think you are super important and someone will waste their time hashing out an attack plan but I honestly don’t think you are worth the crime or the time to anybody.

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          You’re incorrect on many levels in terms of how you perceive me. Just continuing the cycle of negativity. What good does it do?

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            Did you get a good peep this time?? LOL

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            I myself am not a negative person. My comments are not negative, the last line of my comment was more out of a frustration. The problem I find, and once again
            It is my perception, is that you want to be a moral compass yet participate in the activity you are encouraging others not to do. It does not matter if posts are positive or negative. Above you say it is the comment section all together. It would be like me telling kids do not drink and smoke, and then be holding a beer and a smoke while doing so. I respond because I feel like this conversation is worth having because it brings freedom of speech and being able to read or hear things you do not like and dealing with it. Instead of being a person who returns to elementary behaviors and begins telling on people or even worse just whining. I am sad to see so many adults today acting like teens or young children, not being a able to handle simple conflict. We have turned everyone into victims even criminals.

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        You are here participating with us, no need to act like you are the righteous one. Safety…blah, blah, blah…chances are none of us would look twice at you anyway.

      • Birds of a feather?

        Are you closely associated with these two? You seem to be bashing this site for allowing comments, but only started when this story was first put up there. Gives me the impression you have a personal connection and instead of looking foolish defending the two mentioned, you’d rather attack a feature on the website. Again, just my impression based on a number of your comments and when you choose to post them.

  • Jenny at Mail Boss

    Mail theft is a leading cause (but little known) cause of ID theft, the fastest growing crime in the nation. The 1st defense is a high security locking mailbox to prevent theft of sensitive personal and financial documents from your residential mailbox. These are the same documents you burn or shred before discarding to prevent “dumpster divers” but it’s far easier (and more common) for thieves to steal from your mail than your trash. Most of the time you don’t even realize your mail has been stolen either since you don’t know what comes in the mail from day to day.

  • betterDecisionmaker

    Oh Budda…. Switched from meth to coke?? Oh well… Just goes to prove it doesn’t matter what’s in it, just as long as that needle stays in your arm!!! I bet your mother is proud…

    • Amazed

      this pairing is a perfect match- : ) Happy New Year Ellis County : ) maybe this time there wont be anyone they can say was stealing more mail than they were and get to go ahead and stay out and find a different crime to once again lower the bottom where they feed.