Sheriff’s Dept. making ground in area fuel thefts

Sheriff DepartmentBy JOHN SIMMONDS
Hays Post

The Ellis County Sheriff’s Department has made progress in a string of fuel thefts that were previously thought to be unrelated.  Monday December 23, investigators interviewed a person concerning theft of fuel from a rural residence south of town that had been targeted previously.  As a result of that interview, it was discovered numerous area fuel thefts and attempted thefts could be related.

Detective Chuck White told Hays Post the person being interviewed Monday was extremely cooperative. White says as a result of that discussion, the department began looking for two area residents, one of whom may have been involved in a large number of these costly thefts.  As of Friday December 27, one of those being sought by law enforcement had been brought into custody, and authorities continue to look for the final person of interest in the cases.

Some victims had fuel stolen from large tanks, while others had gas taken directly from vehicles parked at home. Currently, the following cases are considered connected, though more may be added as the investigation continues.

  • $10.00 worth of fuel stolen between 04/12/13 & 04/13/13
  • Attempted theft of fuel between 10/29/13 & 10/30/13
  • $300.00 worth of fuel stolen between 11/16/13 & 11/18/13
  • $40.00 worth of fuel stolen between 11/16/13 & 11/18/13
  • $77.00 worth of fuel stolen between 12/02/13 & 12/20/13

White added that charges have not yet been filed in this case. The identities of those being sought by the Sheriff’s Department have not yet been released.