Saturday night HPD Saturation Patrol

Police - Hays 001On Saturday night, the Hays Police Department will be conducting DUI saturation patrols in an effort to deter and decrease the number of impaired and intoxicated drivers on the street.

The purpose of the program is to saturate the city with roving police officers who continually monitor vehicular traffic for signs of impaired driving. Officers will place an emphasis on speeding, safety belt and alcohol-related violations.

The Hays Police Department has a zero tolerance policy on drunk driving. You are encouraged to call Safe Ride at (785) 621-2580 or have a Designated Driver to help you get home safely.

  • following the trails

    so what happen to the mailbox thief dialog?

  • Runner

    I guess once again the Hays Post censors a comment, because it spoke the truth about the County Attorney…

    • Uncle Thomas

      what is the truth on the county attorney?

      • Runner

        The HPD has zero tolerance, but the CA lets everyone plea down so he doesn’t have to go to court…probably because he couldn’t win a case anyways!

        • Ellis Countian

          If it is indeed true that our CA can’t win a case why would anyone want to “plea down” as you say?
          I am not familiar with the situation but this just does not seem logical.

          • Runner

            Ok, good point countian…let me re-phrase that to say the CA is to too freakin’ lazy to try a case, cuz he can collect his paycheck without having to try a case, which in the long run, I would suspect makes him less likely to be able to win a case since his law skills SUCK…

          • guest