Arrests made for attempted sale of meth in Hays

Four Sedgwick County residents have been arrested for attempted sale of methamphetamine in Hays. According to Ellis County Sheriff Ed Harbin, the arrests were a result of investigations being conducted by the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, Ellis County Drug Enforcement, the Hays Police Department, and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

All four adults were arrested on Monday, December 23 at approximately 8:00 pm. Harbin told Hays Post the suspects were on the sheriff’s dept’s radar as a result of another investigation, though he couldn’t go into further details. During the arrest, officers seized marijuana, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and weapons. Formal charges have not been filed, so the sheriff wasn’t able to release names of the suspects.

Ellis County Attorney Tom Drees, however, was able to report to Hays Post the names of four individuals for whom a bond hearing had just been conducted for the same charges. Drees said the following individuals were being held on a $50,000 cash or commercial surety bond under suspicion of distribution of narcotics or attempted distribution of narcotics:

  • WeeTodd

    I am going to make an educated guess that Drees has ALREADY decided to plea bargain, even though formal charges have not been filed yet.

  • ohmy

    Chelsea has such an evil looking glare in her picture.

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    That’s the tweeker glare.

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    For beeing twenty one/twenty four meth sure has messed up the apperance
    . Just ugly

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    Ugh…I hate druggies. I’m far too vain to ever take up drugs and look like these fugly folks.