Search for 2 suspects underway

police-lights3-150x150Authorities in Ellis County are looking for two suspects last seen in Ellis and are believed to be in Hays.

Twenty-one year old Cody T. Grubb is described as a white male, 5’7”, 160 pounds and Austin A. Lopez , age 20, is described as a white male, 5’10” and 155 pounds.  Lopez is wanted for potential battery and other charges and may be carrying a knife.

No vehicle description is currently available.

Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and check Hays Post for more information as it becomes available.

  • Kansas Turkey

    Post some pictures for goodness sakes!

  • Watson

    Really!!!!! suspect for what? did they steal a shelf elf, a lawn gnome, or did they skip on gas, rob a trooper of his donuts? Come on Hays Post !!! Get it together.

    • dman

      Tell half the story

  • hmmmm

    I know both of these boys, and this is sad, as both of them could have had a promising future with school and sports, but both have turned down the wrong path. I do not personally know Austin’s parents, but Cody’s parents have not been the best example for him. But he is also an adult now, so he needs to man up and act like an adult.


  • Jerry Birdsong

    I don’t know Austin so I cannot speak on his behalf. But I do know Cody and he has come a long way from the kid that I started working with a few years ago. I worked with him everyday over the course of several years and he is/was not a bad kid. He has come a long way as of late and is working really hard. I’m sure there is a misunderstanding on the issue at hand. It might be wise to refrain from commenting on a situation when you are on the outside looking in.

  • Thomas Grubb

    Well jerry would be correct… Cody has done nothing wrong.. In fact his truck was ran into while it was parked.. And as far as hmmmm goes…. Kinda hard to have respect for somebody who won’t use their real name …. This is Tom Grubb, Cody’s dad…. Call me hmmm…. 432-0004…. Things that make you go hummm…. Maybe we should all MAN UP….

  • Devin Jacques

    Cody did nothing wrong. He was a “suspect” because his phone was dead, making it so that the police couldn’t contact him; they thought he was hiding. He called the police department from his work phone and asked what was going on and they just wanted him to give a statement about what happened. I brought him back to the EPD station from Hays where he was WORKING on a suspension lift with me. I told him to make sure he took his dead phone into the police station to show them that he wasn’t trying to hide anything.
    2. Hays Post is the biggest joke on the internet for local information. Cody is NOT 21, he is NOT 5’7″ (try 5’10”). There are a few other things that are incorrect about the other suspect as well, but that isn’t my concern as I do not know Austin like I do Cody. That alone is enough to be embarrassed about. If you are going to post stories, at least put out the correct information.
    3. Cody sometimes gets a bad vibe that isn’t necessary. A lot of it is from stories such as the one that is posted above. Ellis gossip is another reason for false information being spread around. From the gossip that I have been hearing you would think it down until you can get the story right. Also, it doesn’t even say what Cody was “wanted” for; did you notice that?

    – Devin J.

  • hmmmmm

    I may have miss spoke about Cody’s parents. I was thinking his parents were the ones that used to work at the softball complex, and used to drink and tear a$$ out of there spinning the tires throwing rocks toward people and there cars. Oh they usually had their kids in the truck with them as well. Like I said I may have missed spoke this may have been someone else or step parents.

    • dman

      Probably Amy and Tony his step parents, she’s a beauty and no common sense, Cody is a good kid!!!

      • Thomas Grubb

        Probably a good guess….. ^^^^^^^^

  • JR

    Hays Post, how about you do your job and update this!