Christmas Returns to Capitol After 40 Year Hiatus

HuelskampCongressman Tim Huelskamp (KS-01) statement on the House rule change allowing the incidental use of holiday greetings.

“For decades the PC Police have intimidated Christians throughout America with their attacks on the symbols and language of Christmas. From nativity scenes to Christmas trees, those opposed to Christmas has sought to eradicate any reason for the season from the public square. And Congress has not been exempted.

Amazingly since 1973, the U.S. House of Representatives has forbidden the use of ‘Merry Christmas’ and deemed use of such words in any official mailing or e-mail an ethics violation. Instead, they demanded the use of ‘Happy Holidays.’ This month, the House Franking Commission accepted the position I have fought for since arriving in Congress – ignore the PC Police and let us use ‘Merry Christmas.’

In 2011 during an interview on Fox News, I stated my refusal to comply with this decades-old policy, which reflects the continual leftist war on Christmas. I have continued that refusal through today, even as it has cowered many other public officials and private industry alike. The new refusal of the U.S. House to cater to the PC Police moves us one small step away from that carefully crafted secular society devoid of any reference to our religious and cultural heritage. I am glad that finally Members of Congress can express their holiday joy in a manner that they see fit and consistent with our American history – without an ethics threat.

As I have done for the past two years, I personally wish you and all of America a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

  • Tom & Marcy McClelland

    Thank You for standing up for Christianity.

    • Waste of space

      Now all he needs to do is stand up for other faiths as well.

      • Uhduuuh

        If you think that he needs to stand up for other religions, why don’t you email him instead of posting on hays post? If you took the time to do this, why didn’t you actually do something about it? Seriously. It is better than just complaining.

        • Chief59

          Have you ever emailed Tim Huelskamp? I have twice. 4-6 weeks later you receive a generic letter back that does not address your points of the original email.

          It seems you, like Tim, believe Christianity is more important than other religions.

  • Embarrassed Constituent

    This is a total and outright lie and twist of facts. There has never been a “ban” on the house saying or expressing “Merry Christmas.” What this is actually about is that members of the house of representatives have not been able to abuse franking (postage) privileges by sending out Christmas greetings on the taxpayer’s dime (franking). If everyone is okay with Huelskamp and the rest of his lying ilk to send out Christmas cards and greetings at taxpayer expense, then go right ahead and support him. But he is once again twisting the facts and not telling the exact truths. There has never been any ban or restriction on “Merry Christmas” in the house or any other area of government. Huelskamp is simply continuing his grandstanding on issues of no substance. Since taking office, he has done nothing for his constituents in Kansas or his country. Nada. Zilch. He is an absolute embarrassment to Kansas and a waste of taxpayer’s money. It’s no wonder that there is a considerable number of moderate Republicans lining up to challenge him in the next election. He is irrelevant and of no use to Kansas.

    • DumArse

      It is not about postage, it was banned from mass emails. You have your facts messed up. I am not a fan of this man, but it was banned. Several of the representative got into ‘hot water’ when they wrote Merry Christmas in emails. Sooo, I do believe you may be wrong…..

      • Chief59

        You’re saying there has been a ban on using the phrase in emails since 1973? Even Timmy says in his statement, “official mailing or e-mail”.