Rural snatch & grab theft

police.jpgThe Ellis County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a crime of opportunity. According to Sheriff Ed Harbin, the incident happened sometime between December 16 and December 20 in the 2200 block of 350th Ave in Gorham.  A log splitter attached to a trailer was sitting next to a wood pile between two stumps.  Tire tracks indicate that a vehicle backed up to the log splitter, hitched onto it, and drove off.  No other items were taken.

Sheriff Harbin stressed that it’s important for people to leave some sort of identification such a numbering system on items that would otherwise be hard to identify. One such example would be to write a series of numbers on the item out of plain sight that would allow the proper owner to identify and claim the property if stolen.  A description wasn’t immediately available, except that it was a hydraulic log splitter attached to a trailer.

Anyone with information on this or any other case is asked to call the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department at 785-625-1040.

  • other shoe

    With the recent rash of rural thefts and damages, it looks like something other than deer season needs to start. Rock salt really smarts.