SUV purchase, retirements on Ellis Co. agenda

The Ellis County Commission will meet in regular session at 6:45 p.m. Monday at the Ellis County Courthouse.

The agenda includes the purchase of a 2014 Ford Expedition for the Ellis County Rural Fire District.
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.13.50 AM
The county received a single private bid for a vehicle, but is expected to opt for the state bid at a cost not to exceed $32,017.

The commission also will recognize three county employees who are retiring, including Ellis County Appraiser Dean Denning. Martha Miller of the Register of Deeds office and Ronald “Skip” Schlyer of Public Works also will be recognized for their service.

For a full agenda, click HERE.

  • Concerned Firefighter

    The Agenda says there is sufficient unneeded funds in the Fire District……How about we use those funds to Buy some SCBA (Air Packs) since some of them did not pass testing this year and have yet to be replaced….it was a surprise that some of them actually did pass testing!

    • bones

      my brother is a firefighter in Topeka ks, these men and women give their lives everyday to protect you and your belongings, the least we can do is to give them the supplies that they need to get them home safely. so think about that the next time your house is on fire and your beloved dog or cat is still inside but the fire rescue people cant get them because you decided that since we don’t have a lot of fires the fire dept. doesn’t need new or working equipment. happy holidays

      • Beano

        Really confused here……… surely aren’t directing this comment at Concerned Firefighter are you?

        • bones

          no im saying that firefighters need supplies, new working supplies, im on his side, ask yourself why the firefighters do not have working air packs when there is money in the budget for them, is it because the people in charge of the monies don’t want them, or they say they don’t need them but they do need a new SUV

          • Beano

            totally agree………I thought it was directed at him and wondered why you were arguing the same point!