Cookbooks commemorate department’s 100th

Students and faculty from the Department of Music and Theatre at Fort Hays State University are selling family secrets — sort of.

“Once in a Hundred Years,” a cookbook compiled for fundraising purposes, contains recipes from former and current students and faculty.

The idea came from accompanist Pam McGowne, who had experience in selling cookbooks for fundraisers in the past. “Once in a Hundred Years” commemorates the department’s 100th year.

FHSU Tiger

“We just thought it would be fun to honor the 100th year of the Music and Theatre Department,” said McGowne. “It is something people can use, enjoy and not let sit around.”

A myriad of recipes from around the community — and beyond — complete the cookbook. Irena Ravitskaya, assistant professor of music and theatre, supplied recipes from her native Russia.

Funds from the cookbook sales will go towards purchasing equipment and supplies for the department and might also be used for the biennial recruiting tour.

Sales are slated to continue for the remainder of the school year. The price of one book is $15 or two for $25. To purchase a cookbook, call (785) 635-2191, (785) 639-3200 or (785) 628-4258.

— Submitted by FHSU University Relations