Suspect who Broke Into Kansas home Enters Plea


A 21-year-old Hutchinson man accused of breaking into a local home entered a “guilty” plea to aggravated burglary Thursday Afternoon

Tyler Ford was initially arrested for inappropriately touching of a 10-year-old and two 9-year-old girls. But, District Attorney Keith Schroeder said there was insufficient evidence to support that the touching was sexual in nature or that it was meant for sexual pleasure. He says one child was touched maybe on her back and another on the ankle.

Ford entered a “guilty” plea to aggravated burglary for breaking into the home in the 200 block of South Monroe. The state alleges that this was done with the intent to commit theft or felony or sexual battery. This sentencing range for this charge is 31-to-136 months depending on his past criminal history. Apparently the burglary happened when the kids were in bed.

The girls’ father chased Ford from the home and police later found him walking in the area of Avenue A & Monroe. They also allegedly found his cell-phone in the child’s room. He was unknown to the family, but apparently lives within a block of their home. This all occurring on Sunday, September 15.

Sentencing in the case will be January 17. They’ll also take up probation violations in two other cases involving Ford, including convictions for two other burglaries and theft.