Senator Roberts Opposes Ryan-Murray Budget Proposal

Pat RobertsU.S. Senator Pat Roberts released the following statement Wednesday announcing his opposition to the budget deal announced yesterday by Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), the leaders of the Senate-House conference committee on the budget.

“This budget deal falls far short of what is needed to address the nation’s fiscal challenges. It will not have any significant impact on the national debt, and, in fact, increases federal spending for the next two years.

“The new agreement does not tackle entitlement reform, provide for tax reform, or re-orient spending toward more pro-growth policies. Rather than moving forward with the spending reductions built into the Budget Control Act, the Ryan-Murray budget deal immediately increases spending by about $65 billion over the next two years, which is the exact wrong direction.

“This additional spending would be ‘paid for’ by targeted tax hikes, which would hit many Kansans square in their wallet. This latest deal is just more taxing and spending, based on promises of additional spending reductions which are not likely to ever be implemented. I am disappointed by the lack of scope in the Ryan-Murray budget proposal, and I intend to vote against it on the Senate Floor.”