Sheriff’s Department Investigating Burglary

Sheriff DepartmentThe Ellis County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a residential burglary that happened some time between November 17th and November 27th.  According to Sheriff Ed Harbin, the incident happened in the 1000 block of 250th Ave.

On November 27th, the daughter of the property owner was alerted by a friend that a door to the residence was open.  She entered the house, found that numerous items had been taken and notified dispatchers.  Harbin said the items taken include:

  • A Smith and Wesson 357 Revolver
  • A number of antique pistols
  • Financial documents
  • The title to an RV
  • Family photos
  • Hand tools
  • Other paperwork
  • Possibly some clothes

Harbin said the house had been entered through an unlocked door.  He added that this time of year, it’s important to be extra cautious, and not just by ensuring doors are locked.

“This is the holiday season and there’s going to be a lot of people going out of town.  I certainly wouldn’t post my adventures on Facebook until you get back.  Don’t post anything that would give anybody any ideas on burglarizing, stealing or any other thing based that they could come up with by something that’s placed on Facebook.”

The Sheriff’s department has numerous suspects in the case, which is still under investigation.

  • Watson

    Gee maybe the local media shouldn’t be so quick to print arrest records, or who is in jail, Same for the local law enforcement agencies for releasing this info to the media. No different than posting Hey I’m not home. not on a road trip even better I’m locked up in jail and cant protect my property. Come help your self to it. Duh Sherlock

    • Citizen

      Here is an idea, DON’T GET ARRESTED!!!

      • Watson

        That would be the first rule of thumb Citizen. I am very glad it was not my home. I might add that I don’t share that spotlight of fame with those that have had there mug posted or name posted. (Personal opinion) Until a person is convicted there name has no business in a public form of any kind. Justice is supposed to be Blind. Not main streamed all over. If the idea of public humiliation is some crack pot idea of our local law enforcement to discourage getting arrested, Its not working. Final note.. Whether it be on facebook or arrest record BAD BAD BAD IDEA.

        • lol what?

          Except it isn’t specific to local law enforcement, it’s public record. And if someone is arrested, perhaps they should have a friend check in on their house and belongings while they are locked up….

          • Watson

            Read the report again. Lol what: I’m sure it said it was checked on. friends cant be there all the time. just saying.

          • Watson

            Ed Harbins: advice about Facebook was right on. And my point here has been and stands. The media should be mind’full that the criminals can read also. Maybe after posting “said public records” The media should be held accountable for said offenders home, or property, being ripped off after advertising there where abouts. If you posted you were going out of town and get ripped off I’m sure the law would give you a sympathetic smile and tell you so sad. if your neighbor tells folks your out of town and you then get ripped off who’s fault is it? That is all.

          • The town jury

            It wouldn’t hurt for follow ups to also be posted. Were charges dropped, dud the person accept the charges, was there a punishment handed down? But these are never shared either, and they are just as much “public record”

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Yeah it wouldnt be the first time some one was arrested on a bogus charge that gets dropped. But people dont see that, just that you got arrested.

          • Arthur Doyle

            As a matter of fact, my dear Watson, people who are delinquent in paying their property taxes do get their names printed in the paper.

          • Watson

            Very true Arthur: how ever not weekly or even monthly.

          • KORA

            Records Open To Public (Kansas)

            K.S.A. 45-219: Abstracts or copies of records; fees.
            (a) Any person may make abstracts or obtain copies of any public record to
            which such person has access under this act. If copies are requested, the
            public agency may require a written request and advance payment of the
            prescribed fee. A public agency shall not be required to provide copies of
            radio or recording tapes or discs, video tapes or films, pictures, slides,
            graphics, illustrations or similar audio or visual items or devices, unless
            such items or devices were shown or played to a public meeting of the
            governing body thereof, but the public agency shall not be required to
            provide such items or devices which are copyrighted by a person other than
            the public agency.

        • ANGEL

          nothing has changed, either printed in the Hays Daily, or on line, the arrest records are the same, neither has helped stop crime, only idiots get arrested, but it is fun to see what idiot broke the law. when the Hays Daily stopped putting arrest records in the paper, back around 1999, it didn’t stop people, and when they put them back in, all that did was make those arrested mad, so as Citizen said DON’T GET ARRESTED, its as simple as that. don’t go to bars and drink 10 shots of jager, don’t smoke that joint in Wendy’s drive thru, don’t steal that CD from Walmart, JUST BE A GOOD PERSON.

          • thanks angel

            Thanks for all of that good advice ANGEL. I’ve got to run down to the peaceful stream, pet my unicorn, and look at the pretty rainbow! I’ll be back soon.

  • Hay

    Hays Post needs to get their facts before posting bogus stories. The former “property owners” possessions are safe and with his local family before it was too late & he would loose everything…just as he had asked when he called last week & everyday since then. His daughter & the realtor are also aware of this so we are all on the same page. This was all just a simple misunderstanding & lack of communication between all parties that was resolved a week ago yet Hays Post decides to chime In a week later with this breaking news of burglary. Funny they wait till the day the man losses his lifelong dream he worked so hard at accomplishing to post this nonsense. Give me a break, give his daughter a break and give the man a break. It’s been a difficult day for all. As for the breaking news story, maybe an UPDATE would be a good idea. No need to be alarming the city of hays with the thought of burglarers during the holidays