Roberts: Iran Deal Bad for U.S. & World Security

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U.S. Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) today joined congressional colleagues from both sides of the aisle in expressing deep concern with the Iranian nuclear deal reached over the weekend in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Any deal that gives billions in sanctions relief to the world’s largest state sponsor of terror while letting them continue to enrich is a bad deal,” Roberts said. “I see no reason to trust a regime that sponsors terrorism, undermines the international community through its support for Bashar al-Assad in Syria, imprisons Christian pastors for exercising their faith, and constantly threatens the legitimacy of the State of Israel.”

The six-month interim deal, apparently reached after a year of secret negotiations between the Administration and members of the Iranian regime, provides at least $7 billion in relief by dismantling existing sanctions against the Iranian nuclear program. In exchange, Iran has agreed to halt further enrichment above 5 percent and allow some access to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors. However, critics allege the deal fails to dismantle a single centrifuge for uranium enrichment, dismantle the Arak facility’s plutonium-producing heavy water reactor, or effectively ensure the destruction of Iran’s stockpile of 20-percent enriched uranium, all while fundamentally recognizing Iran’s right to enrich.

Roberts continued, “It is no surprise we see the Iranians spiking the football while [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu calls this a ‘historic mistake.’”

In September, Roberts joined several colleagues in expressing concern over the prospects of such a deal in a letter to President Obama.

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