Police Investigate Accidental Shooting

Police search for evidence in Monday shooting

Police search for evidence in Monday shooting

Police are investigating  a shooting incident  that reportedly occurred in Reno County on Monday.

According to police, two 17-year-old’s from Wichita were on their way to Hutchinson. One had a gun in a waist band. He was driving the vehicle and the gun went off striking him in the leg.

The passenger then started driving and took his friend to Hutchinson Regional Medical Center for treatment.

That’s where police got involved. The teens reportedly did not tell authorities the entire story.

According to Hutchinson Police Captain Troy Hoover, the accidental shooting occurring on Mayfield Road, east of Hutchinson. The suspects also may have thrown some evidence out of their car along Airport Road north of 11th.

Police  have been searching that area for evidence.

The 17-year-old wounded in the leg did have surgery according to Hoover,

Both will have some explaining to do when they talk with police about  giving false information. That includes statements that caused police to put out information that other officers should be on the lookout for another vehicle.

The names of the teens has not been released.