Buckeye wind project “ready to set a spade in”

buckeye wind commissioners sign

Ellis County Commissioners Barbara Wasinger, Dean Haselhorst and Swede Holmgren sign the final agreements Monday morning for the Invenergy Buckeye Wind Project.

It’s been seven years in the making.

Monday morning, Ellis County Commissioners signed off on the final documents for the Buckeye Wind project by Invenergy.

Three supplemental agreements were reviewed by Dennis Davidson, the county’s counselor for wind-related issues.   “All three agreements are a good balance of the best interest of all involved,” said Davidson.

Agreements were signed involving road maintenance, payment in lieu of taxes and project decommissioning.

Prior to construction, Buckeye Wind will furnish a $1.32 million commercial surety bond which remains in force until the decommissioning is complete.  Estimated cost of decommissioning will be updated every five years.

“Ellis County has been working on a wind energy project for seven years,” said Swede Holmgren at the conclusion of the 20-minute special meeting.

buckeye wind map

The Buckeye Wind Energy Project proposed layout of GE turbines north of I-70 and near the Trego County line.

“Now on November 25, it’s now clear to set a spade in the ground.  It’s been a long project, not without pain, and we appreciate everyone involved, including past commissioners,” said Holmgren.

“It’s a great day for Ellis County,” added commission chairman Dean Haselhorst.

At the request of commissioner Barbara Wasinger, a meeting between the Buckeye project manager and local emergency departments will be scheduled soon.

“It’s a priority,” said Wasinger, “for Emergency Manager Bill Ring, the county and city fire departments and EMS to know exactly where the towers will be and how far from the city they are.”

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  • Sierra guy

    It’s about time! Wasinger was one of the people that hindered the development of wind farms & still is delaying it anyway she can.

    • Blind R

      Agree. When someone makes a comments like “It’s a priority,” said Wasinger, “for Emergency Manager Bill Ring, the
      county and city fire departments and EMS to know exactly where the
      towers will be and how far from the city they are.”

      What difference does this make? Sounds like more crying wolf trying to make an issue out of a non issue.

      • ridiculous

        For most of the people that ‘share’ their opinion on here, our leaders can’t do anything correctly. If Wasinger hadn’t asked for this information, you would be on here blasting her for that. Your statement is ridiculous! I would hope that our county officials and workers want to know all they can about all of the details. The towers can’t be within three miles of city limits, I think.

        • Sierra guy

          It has been seven years in the making! What you said is total nonsense. Hundreds & hundreds of wind turbines have been erected in Kansas. I’ve never heard of fire being a big issue more than any other electrical turbine. It’s people like you & Wasinger that have prevented economic & environmental progress in Ellis County! The wind turbines are very tall you’ll be able to find them.

  • Rusty

    I wish Ms. Wasinger would of explained why “Its a priority”……..as a firefighter/EMT, I don’t see what the big deal is? Am I overlooking something here?
    There are tons of hazards in the County, many more harmful than windtowers!

  • Yahooserious

    I just wonder what finally forced their hand. This wasn’t a “deal” in the works. It was a resistance to development.