FHSU classifed staff vote to leave state civil service

fhsu victor e tigerWith 231 of 308 eligible employees voting, classified staff at Fort Hays State University voted Tuesday by a 187-44 margin to leave the state civil service system to become support staff employed directly by the university.

Patricia Duffey, secretary-treasurer of the university’s Classified Senate, said in an email announcing the results that a support staff handbook “will now be presented to the Kansas Board of Regents for approval.”

“Once approved,” she said, “a committee along with the HR Office will begin developing the next steps.”

Those next steps include updating descriptions of positions and salary levels, creating an evaluation form, appointing a disciplinary hearing board, developing training materials and setting a schedule for the conversion.

The change will take effect at the beginning of the next fiscal year, which begins June 8, 2014.

  • redneck idiot

    all them secretaries think they will get a $10,000 a year pay raise.

    Hope several departments that already have 2 or more secretaries will consolidate and reduce amount of secretaries and disconnect the internet from their computers so they can no longer sit and Facebook/shop/watch soaps all day long

  • bosco

    big mistake secretaries. you’re gonna regret this.