Sternberg fossils pulled from Tuesday’s auction

Sternberg MuseumDr. Laura Wilson is breathing a sigh of relief tonight, although it may be temporary relief.

She found out late this afternoon that seven fossils collected by Charles Sternberg in the 1920s are no longer for sale by the San Diego Natural History Museum (SDNHM).

Wilson is the Chief Curator and Curator of Paleontology of Fort Hays State University’s Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays.

The seven large vertebrate fossils collected and sold to the San Diego Museum by Sternberg are among the 12 fossils listed for sale in the Bonhams public auction scheduled for tomorrow, November 19.  Amid an outcry from paleontologists and other museums, SDNHM has pulled the fossils from the auction.

Charles H. Sternberg was part of the well-known fossil hunting family that included George, the former director of Sternberg Museum. The Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays is named for the family.

laura wilson

Dr. Laura Wilson, Chief Curator/Curator of Paleontology for
Sternberg Museum of Natural History

Read Wilson’s blog post “Discovery Under the Dome” about the controversy.


  • tired of paying for c**p

    bring back the old Sternberg museum, the one that was on campus was better, more entertaining, had more to see, AND didn’t cost to go see, not to mention it was more for the area than a dang T-rex. I would of gladly paid $8.00 to go to that Museum than that joke under the “dome”

    • Chris

      Could you give any short of specific information on why it is such a bad place? Or do you just like blowing hot air?

      Have you ever asked for a tour to go behind-the-scenes at Sternberg to see the huge amount of preservation and research that goes on?

      The museum also puts on several educational workshops during the year, mostly aimed at children.

      Of course they could put on more extravagant events, but this of course, would cost more and give you something else to complain about.

      • passin_threw

        it’s a shame that their marketing department doesn’t advertise all these wonderful things they do and promote behind the scenes tours so that people don’t have such a negative perception of the place. i hope they realize how they are looked upon and stop missing the boat to bring more paying customers in to support the museum

  • Alan Detrich

    Time For an Official State Fossil for Kansas. The Mosasaur, a 35 ft. meat eating SEA MONSTER would be a Great choice for a State Fossil. 40 States have a State Fossil. The MOSASAUR has been waiting 85 Million years to go to work for KANSAS Tourism. Call or write your State Representative today.