Some public Kansas university salaries top $250K

FHSU President Dr. Ed Hammond

FHSU President Dr. Ed Hammond

(AP) — Newly obtained salary information shows 60 public university employees in Kansas earn more than $250,000 in state-paid wages.

The  salary information it obtained is for wages paid from July 2012 to this June.

Three-quarters of the top earners were professors or administrators at the University of Kansas. Kansas State University employed eight of the upper earners and Wichita State University had five.

At Fort Hays State University and Pittsburg State University, only the president drew a paycheck that topped $250,000. In June, Dr. Ed Hammond received a salary increase of $11,250. His annual salary is now just over $266,000 a year.

Emporia State University employed none of the top earners.

KU Medical Center executive vice chancellor Doug Girod was the highest paid earner on the list, with a salary of $687,000. The median income for listed university employees was $41,100.


  • Fhsu

    I’m sure these people are all earning their checks…..the people who do the least get paid the most doesn’t make sense

    • @ Fhsu

      Apply for the job then, you hard worker! Whatever Dr. Hammond does or doesn’t do in your mind – the university grows EVERY year. Again, if you can do it better, apply for the job – you over worked poor thing!

      • Poor student

        it has grown mainly because of the millions of $’s the school receives from donations every year! The sure thing we parents & students can count on every year is the TUITION growing…you LAZY part time IDIOT!

  • Poor parents

    That doesn’t include all the perks they receive from autos, airline transportation, free housing, healthcare, meal allowance, telephone etc. etc.. not bad for part time job.
    Wonder why schooling our kids is so expensive?

  • Uncle Thomas

    Dr. Hammond has done a fabulous job for the state, the city and FHSU! Will be tough to fill his professional shoes. Wish USD 489 could find someone with 1/2 the leadership abilities to fill the superintendent position.