Doors Open at K’s Diner

K'S DINERK’s Diner is open once again.  A call to the diner confirmed that as of Monday, November 18th, the restaurant is open.  The diner, located at 3402 Vine Street, has been closed since November 5th 2012.  The diner had closed after a fire caused by spontaneous combustion within dirty rags left on the counter caused extensive damage to the restaurant.

The diner, which was open just over a month before the fire, employed roughly 40 employees.

K’s is open 7:00 am – 10:00 pm 7 days a week.  An employee at the restaurant said that staff tasted the menu recently and while she knows a few items that were added to the original menu, staff agreed it was all great.

  • herding_turtles

    Good luck the 2nd time around! Hoping the new place makes a go of it and doesn’t close, like so many (The Pita Shack’s last day open is 11/22).

    • johnson

      i’ve never tried the Pita Shack. keep forgetting. but they never done any advertising either.

      • herding_turtles

        It’s too bad, I don’t know if the location contributed to them closing or what. I’ve never had anything bad from there.

        • BobOil

          Pita Shack had a great product at a very good price….never heard anyone say they had a bad experience, but many didn’t know it was open — weird location. We’d go once every week or two, and always college-aged folks in there. I believe they were losing their lease as the building owner wanted to sell. It’s a shame.

          • jackson

            if its a lease deal that’s causing them to close maybe the pita owners can find something close to campus to re-open.

    • Tshock

      That stinks about the Pita Shack. I ate there 4 or 5 times and I really thought the food was great at a decent price.

  • Hays

    They should of left the doors shut. Food is bad, right along with the service.

    • herding_turtles

      I hadn’t eaten there before the fire, but several people I know had. Reviews weren’t favorable… Not everyone gets a 2nd chance to make a first impression, I hope they take advantage of it and have made some improvements! It’s sad how many new places open and just can’t make it.

  • Guests

    I ate there once before the fire I said that I would never go back. It was bad and the service was bad. But now I will give it another try. Hope they made a lot of changes. Good Luck.

    • Guests

      Just came home from K’s Diner. And I will never go back. Services is bad took over 5 mins to get waited on and there where 5 waitress in there. I have to agree with Hays comment.

  • Vince

    Ate lunch at K’s today. Food was good, portion was very adequate. It took a little while to get our order, but considering it is the first day I was ok with it.

    Price was OK as well. Go two doors north and pay the same for a lesser meal IMO.

    Two thumbs up…. so far….

  • Uncle Thomas

    Wish them well…the owners were not the most personable, but for Hace I would not expect more.

  • O’Neill Clan

    Good luck. Will always support the local mom and pops before I do the big chain restaurants.

  • Roxy

    Just left K’s Diner. Ordered an omelet that was delicious!! Friendly service! Great clean look. I will DEFINITELY GO BACK!!!!! Roxy