Neighborhood Revitalization


The Governing Body of the City of WaKeeney, Kansas met in a regular session at City Hall 408 Russell Ave at 7:00 PM with the Mayor presiding and the following members present:

Mayor Kenneth Roy and Council Members Mary Jo Clevenger, Troy Leiker, Lynelle Shubert, and Allen Weigel


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written, printed and distributed.

GUESTS: Jody Zeman, Addie Zeman, Brittany Brock, Nicole Hendrix, Crystal Day, Diane Wagner, Dave Hendricks, Mary Ruth Hendricks, Charlie Knoll, and Janelle Miller

Jody Zeman, Trego County Economic Development Director was present before the City Council to discuss the upcoming renewal of the county wide Neighborhood Revitalization Program. Jody presented information from 2008 to the present on its effectiveness to promote new construction. The Governing Body will hold a public hearing on continuing the program in November 2013.

CITY ADMINISTRATOR: Hardy Howard presented Resolutions #10072013A and #10072013B in regard to the city’s CDBG demolition grant application. Resolution #10072013A authorizing Mayor Roy to sign the related documents and indicating the city’s matching funds was reviewed, whereupon, Mary Jo Clevenger motioned to approve Resolution #10072013A. Lynelle Shubert seconded. Motion carried.

Resolution #10072013B providing for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the project was reviewed. A motion was made by Troy Leiker and seconded by Mary Jo Clevenger to approve Resolution #10072013B. Motion carried.

At this time an ordinance making appropriation for the payment of claims for the month of September 2013 was read, whereupon, Allen Weigel motioned to approve claims in the amount of $209,443.46 Troy Leiker seconded. Motion carried. Warrants #9486, #9499, #9508, #9513, and #9524 were reviewed prior to approval.

MAYOR: Kenneth Roy discussed with the City Council the upcoming LKM Annual Conference in Overland Park, Kansas.

No further business appearing, the meeting was adjourned.


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