Huelskamp: “More food stamp recipients should be working” (VIDEO)

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1st District Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) answers a question about the status of the federal Farm Bill during a recent town hall meeting in Hays.

Both chambers of Congress have passed versions of the 2013 farm bill, and right now a conference committee is working to resolve differences between them.

Eighty percent of the farm bill is for food stamps, and according to First District Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-KS,)  that’s where the hold-up is:

The House has passed legislation to slash approximately $40 billion annually, or about 5 percent including changes in eligibility and work requirements. The Senate wants to cut a much smaller $4 billion cut.

  • bosco

    and while you’re at it timmy cut the farm subsidy checks you and many of your southwest farmer friends are getting

    • Jdoe

      At least the farmers are WORKING and supplying a much needed product to society.

      • johnny

        so that’s the reason farmers need subsidy checks from the taxpayers. because they are WORKING?? if they are working why do they need subsidy checks?

        • No Telling

          The subsidy checks offset the low prices demanded by consumers because they are to tight to spend their money on necessities like food. They would rather be able to purge on home electronics, cars, and fashion designer clothing.

          Subsidy checks are the result of American non ag people’s complaints about high food prices.

          Politicians and Farmers are not to be blamed here. John q, public non agriculturalist is the culprit.

      • Chief59

        Repeating empty rhetoric just like Timmy boy? The majority of food stamp recipients are either over the age of 70, or are veterans. Just to be sure, you are saying that veterans and elderly people should be working in order to receive food stamps, right? I guess we have to make sure these TAKERS that either worked their whole life or fought for this country don’t get anything for free, huh? Also, helping out people who can’t help themselves is contributing to society. Apparently, you don’t want to do that yourself by having your tax dollars help those in need, but we have to make sure these darn TAKERS contribute, right?

    • No Telling

      Be prepared for your cheap food supply to disappear and start paying accordingly to the rest of the nations services and goods inflationary rate. By all means, drop the subsidy payments. No farmers will be against that.

      We better not hear you scream over 9 dollar a gallon milk and 10 dollar a pound steaks though.

  • johnson

    i recently read where the tea baggers next big target is farm subsidies. isn’t tim a tea bagger. how’s this gonna play out. his farmer friends ain’t gonna like this.

    • A_citizen_patriot

      Hey I farm, and im all for getting rid of farm subsidies.

  • Chief59

    So Tim, what percentage of food stamp recipients don’t work? Oh, you don’t know? You’re just throwing rhetoric out? Okay.

  • Working Poor Kansan

    Why don’t YOU get to work Timmy, instead of running your mouth and accomplishing NOTHING!

  • alexander

    Maybe Tim should focus on job creation, then. Haven’t heard much about that from him.

    Where are all these magic ‘jobs’ for all the food stamp recipients?

    Not everybody inherited a family farm so they can have government funded job.

    • No Telling

      There is plenty of JOBS if people want to work. I am afraid what this country lacks is POSITIONS that people would rather have and get paid for.

      • alexander

        You do understand that only 1 food stamp ‘taker’ can get the ‘Singer Wanted’ job, right?

        • No Telling


          Maybe the pays good enough to hire groupies? 😉

  • PtEST

    Why don’t farmers have to take a drug test to get their subsidies?

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