Bowe Busted



Authorities in Riverside, Missouri say they stopped Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe for speeding Sunday, but they booked him after they found marijuana in his car.

Bowe was stopped just before midnight Nov. 10 at West Platte Road and Riverside Street for speeding. Officers said Bowe’s Audi A8 registered a speed of 48 mph in a 35 mph zone.

The traffic officer says he detected a strong odor of marijuana from inside of the vehicle.

A police dog alerted to an illegal substance. The officer found a black bag and inside it were Bowe’s wallet and two containers containing more than ten grams of marijuana.

A passenger in the vehicle was also cited after the canine alerted to a backpack containing another 4.2 grams and the officer found two marijuana cigarettes in the man’s pocket.

  • way2go

    War on drugs has gotten us and is getting us NOWHERE

    • Laughable

      Sad part is that black and Hispanic men/women get busted far more than us white folk. Not cause we don’t smoke as much so I don’t understand why. Racism? Profiling is probably the reason. End the 40 year + war on our own people. Wast of time, money and lives of otherwise good people.

  • hmmmm

    On another note, as they were arresting him for a drug that should be made legal, someone down the street got shot or beat to death, because the officers were wasting their time with a pettyy crime.

    • Chris

      You are completely missing the point that he was under the influence of a substance and was driving, thus putting lives in danger.

      • Darwin

        Where on earth does it say that he was under the influence? Speeding yes but unless I am completely blind it stated a dog alerted to the scent.

        • Chris

          “The traffic officer says he detected a strong odor of marijuana from inside of the vehicle.”

          Unless he was rubbing the buds all over his body, the assumption would be that he had recently partaken in smoking.

          • Laughable

            Heh. U haven’t smelled the Colorado weed, any strain, you don’t have to smoke it for it to be “funky” smelling.

      • hmmmm

        I agree that is a danger, but the article focused on the marijuana, and how much he had. It does not say he was under the influence. It says he was stopped for speeding, and they found marijuana in the car and on the passenger. That is whent hey booked him.

    • alexander

      Care to give us a link that can confirm that somebody was shot or beat to death because officers were using their time arresting this football player?

  • BowestheVictim

    It is all a conspiracy to help out the damn Denver Donkeys.