Teen Arrested at Scene of 3 Vehicle Accident

William StaabThe Hays Police Department responding to a motor vehicle accident arrested a 4th individual.

According to Lt. Brandon Wright, three vehicles were involved in an accident Wednesday, November 6th just after 6:00 pm in the 500 block of W 27th.  A vehicle rear ended another stopped at the light, pushing it into the car in front of it.  The first had to be towed from the scene, and emergency personnel were directing traffic during the cleanup.

While officers were directing traffic around the accident scene, a vehicle approached and failed to follow their directions. Officers made contact with the driver, 19 year old William Staab, of Hays.  Staab appeared to be under the influence, but refused to exit the vehicle and resisted officers as they attempted to remove him.

Staab was ultimately arrested for DUI, Possession of Marijuana, Possession and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.

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  • Randy Marsh

    Is this going to slow down my Youngevity supply?

  • BiggieSmalls

    Wow, one rule of thumb when dealing with the police. Always attempt to comply. I am assuming the cop was just doing his job and not being rude though Hays cops are usually polite unless you do something like bed rude first.

  • Eyewitness

    Being a eyewitness, this article is completely wrong. Hays police should be ashamed to even post this. Headline should be police brutality to Hays Teen.

    • Say what again?

      So the 19 year old that was driving under the influence, not complying with officers, and apparently resisted getting out of his vehicle was treated unfairly and with undue force by officers? Tell me more about that.

      • JudgeJudy

        Contempt of Cop.

    • Will

      Thank you!! Please speak out!

    • Will

      What is your name and number?

    • Eyewitness? Really?

      If this guy really saw anything he would have made himself know and fought corruption or whatever other conspiracy theory it might be. Until then he is just another anonymous tool like the rest of us.

    • gskeers

      what are they suppose to do just let him go? sheeesh

  • idiot

    People need to stop excusing bad behavior. The kid was driving under the influence and refused simple directions from officers. He’s lucky they didn’t shoot him.

  • Randy marsh

    Seriously though…about my youngevity….

  • someone

    i saw this happen… the kid deserved it, yelling at cops and resisting. ridiculous, you know you did something wrong ..don’t fight it.