High School Football Players Arrested In Hazing Incident UPDATE


1:40 p.m.AP) — Three students at Hutchinson High School are accused of forcibly branding other students on school property.

Police say the students are accused of branding four other students on their abdomens with wire hangers. All of the students, including the victims, are on the football team.

Hutchinson Police Detective Paul Sack says police learned of the branding from parents of the alleged victims.

Ray Hemman, spokesman for the school district, says head football coach Randy Dreiling learned Thursday of an alleged hazing incident that possibly occurred Wednesday and turned the matter over to administrators and police.

One 18-year-old student is being held on various charges, including criminal restraint. Another 18-year-old was released on bond. A 16-year-old student is being held by juvenile authorities.



Friday  p.m. Several students at Hutchinson High School have reported they were battered by other students of the school. On Friday police made three arrests of students who are said to be  members of the Hutchinson High School Football team.

18-year-old Kendric S. Hudson was arrested for aggravated battery, criminal restraint, hazing and tattooing and body piercing a minor without their consent.

18-year-old Jaiden M. Casanova was also arrested for aggravated battery,.tattooing, body piercing a minor without their consent and hazing.

16-year-old Cody R. Curl, was taken to the Reno County Juvenile Detention Facility on charges of aggravated battery, tattooing and body piercing without consent and possession of tobacco.

Police say it was more of a branding then actual tattooing, but no specifics have been given.

Casanova is free on bond, while Hudson is jailed on a 12-thousand  dollar bond.


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