Shacks Being Built on FHSU Campus Overnight

fort_hays_state_university_ihe_mediumPeople walking through the Fort Hays State University campus may notice quite a few new structures in place tonight.  Tonight, the Leadership 310 Class is closing off a week of activities with Shack City.

In tonight’s event, teams of 2-10 people must construct a shack and stay in it all evening.  Entry fee for each team is $10. The only rule is that structures can’t be factory made such as tents, hunting blinds or campers.

Teams will construct and stay in their shack beginning at 5:00 pm Friday, November 1st through 7:00 am November 2nd.  During that time, participants will be presented with dinner, contests, games, a guest speaker and two musical performances spread throughout the evening.

Junior Brenna Johnson from Beloit is one of the students putting on this week’s events. Johnson told Hays Post that students in her group have been working on these events for a while.

“The Leadership 310 class is the last class before students earn a leadership certificate.  The outcome of the class is: you will be putting a team together, pick a project and go through the project until the very end.  So from beginning to end you’re planning it all out then putting into action.”

Her group chose Poverty Awareness Week as the theme for their projects, with all money raised going to Habitat for Humanity of Ellis County (HHEC). Shack City is the last of the events scheduled this week.  Other events they’ve put on this week:

  • Monday: Freddy’s and Gambino’s donated a portion of their proceeds to HHEC
  • Tuesday: the group had a booth in the Union promoting the week’s events and distributing informational materials.
  • Wednesday: they showed the film One Dollar Poverty, a story of 4 men living in Haiti for 28 days, spending $1 a day
  • Thursday: the group Forked the Quad: students left 374 forks in the quad with each fork representing 10 people in Ellis County living below the poverty line

Johnson added that though it’s targeted to FHSU students, community members are encouraged to come out to either participate or spectate, as all proceeds (including any free-will donations collected this evening) will go back into the community through HHEC.  Anyone wishing to register can call 785-628-4497.

  • Anon

    Yeah i bet they’re really in touch with poverty since they’re being fed, entertained and they know that the next day they have the comforts of home..

  • O’Neill Clan

    While the Chinese students are studying physics.

  • Random

    Wow Anon…it’s a school’s meant to be educating but fun at the same time..what did you expect them to do?

  • poor man with no home

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOH ONE NIGHT IN A BOX, JUST TO SEE WHAT IT IS LIKE, really try living a whole season ie. winter, or summer like this. I think that this is an insult to the homeless