Increase in deer-related road deaths on Kansas Highways

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The number of accidents with deer on Kansas highways is growing.  An Ellis County law enforcement officer hit a deer early Thursday morning. He was not injured. Another  driver from Norton hit a deer at I-70  and mile marker 153 just before 8 a.m. Thursday.

Now that three Kansas residents died in deer-related accidents on a single day, the Highway Patrol is offering guidance on what to before and after hitting a deer.

The patrol says it’s better to hit a deer than to swerve, which can lead to overcorrecting and going off the road.

The patrol says drivers of vehicles disabled by collisions or otherwise should move them off the road if possible. Authorities also say it’s better to remain inside until help arrives — but anyone who must get out should keep hazard lights activated and be alert for other traffic.

On Sunday, two people were struck and killed in central Kansas when they got out of vehicles that had collided with deer. And a northwest Kansas man died when he swerved to avoid a deer.

  • gus

    I know lets kill all the deer in the world so that they dont cause accidents

    • roy

      Time to thin the herds.