Hays Med conducts trial for Midwest Cancer Alliance (VIDEO)

mca logoHays Medical Center is one of the founding members of Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA).  

At the core, is the University of Kansas Cancer Center.  Director Roy Jensen, M.D., who was in Hays recently, says there are three goals of MCA.

“Keeping patients close to their homes during treatment is really critical.  We also promote access to leading-edge diagnostics, care, and prevention and survivorship strategies.  Finally, we are enhancing cancer care across the region through collaborative research,” he says.

Anne O'Dea, M.D., with clinical trials patient Patty Currey (Photo courtesy KU Medical Center)

Anne O’Dea, M.D., with clinical trials patient Patty Currey (Photo courtesy KU Medical Center)

The Dreiling Schmidt Cancer Institute at Hays Med and Dr. Anne O’Dea are involved with trials combining two drugs, Abraxane and Herceptin, that show promise in patients with high cell growth factor:

According to Dr.  Jensen,  the five-year survival rate for cancer patients is about 67%.

“It’s a big improvement from decades ago, but that also means for about one-third of my patients, I have no answer when they walk through the door.”

“Clinical research must continue so we have something more (drugs) to offer than what’s currently on the pharmacy shelf,” says Jensen.

You can watch all of Mike Cooper’s interview with Dr. Ray Jensen this week on “Community Connection” on Eagle Community TV Channel 14 at 9a.m. 3p.m. and 8 p.m.



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