13th & Vine signal change underway (VIDEO)

13th and vine

City of Hays employees Eric Borger and A.J. Hill change out traffic signals at 13th and Vine Thursday morning.

Traffic signals at 13th and Vine were de-activated shortly before 9 o’clock this morning in order to change out the signals for the new 3-lane traffic.

Don Stejskal, the Hays Service Division Supervisor says the work was scheduled for Tuesday, but a steady drizzle postponed the project until today.

“We waited until the morning rush-hour was over and then the Hays Police Department came in to direct traffic while these lights are out.  It’ll probably take an hour or so to make the change,” estimates Stejskal.

13th Street from Milner east to Canterbury is now three lanes instead of four, with a designated turning lane.  Bike lanes have been added between Vine Street and Canterbury.

Technician Steve Schorr with Gades Sales, from which the city purchased the new signal dog houses, is working with Hays employees to get the new lights wired into the traffic box.

The intersection will now be similar to 27th and Vine, with protected left turns.

Stejskal says the old signals will be stored for backup parts.

  • tin man


    • stonedigger

      So much for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on fancy striping for bike lanes, just seen a bike this morning using the sidewalk.

      • pitchin4haze

        Is that legal…bikes on sidewalks? I bet it didn’t have the legally required bike registration. City “leaders” want Hays to be little Lawrence on big creek. I’m going to be very careful driving next to bike lanes…we should all slow down to help the city……say 20 MPH on east 13! Pitch in and help Hays be safe and citified.

  • hmmmm

    They should think about putting a turning light onto 22nd and Vine as well.

  • Viper

    I would like to see a traffic light at 27th and Indian Trail.


    Why don’t you have them fix the ones at 29th which turn red for no apparent reason when there are no cars for miles, and 43rd which cycles very slowly. No reason whatsoever these lights should be red when there is absolutely ZERO cross traffic.

    • boooooooo

      or the one at 27th and hall, at 4 in the morning heading east on 27th you can sit there for ever waiting on the red light to turn green

    • Guests

      All traffic lights on Vine and 27th Hall they all need to be updated. I am thinking throw those senors away maybe the stop lights will work. I go though the red lights in the morning at 500. I am the only car and gives you the red light no one around. It has to be the senors.

  • other shoe

    While they are at it, let’s set up some toll pedestals that let you lean out your window and drop a quarter in to make the light change. This would allow the city to make even more money for even more outrageous traffic changes.

  • Taxed-out

    Article was so informative…not! Could you at least give taxpayers the new cost in this ridiculous bike path/trail endeavor? Between Hays Post & HDN citizens never get the full truth where/how their money wasted.

  • haze observer

    Horses need to be using bike paths. From my observations of numerous horse behinds around making decisions, there must be lots of horses that need paths.