Hammond will work with FHSU presidential transition (VIDEO)

FHSU President Dr. Ed Hammond introduces KS Board of Regents Chairman Fred Logan

FHSU President Dr. Ed Hammond introduces KS Board of Regents Chairman Fred Logan

Fort Hays State University president Dr. Ed Hammond plans to help with the transition of new leadership next academic year.

Hammond announced in a morning news conference he will retire as president June 30, 2014.

He’s been in talks with the Kansas Board of Regents about his plans for more than a year:

(Video courtesy FHSU Tiger Media Network)

Several Regents members were on hand for today’s announcement including Robba Moran, formerly of Hays and now living in Manhattan;  Shane Bangerter, Dodge City; KBOR chairman Fred Logan, Leawood; and KBOR President/CEO Andy Tompkins of Topeka.

  • johnson

    no need for all this transition stuff Ed. your successor has already been chosen. Gustafson.

    • Guest

      My vote goes to Larry Gould. I would like to see an internal candidate.

      • lane

        Larry Gould should be ineligible as a candidate. Being accused of dipping your pen in the companay inkwell has done irrepairable harm to him and FHSU. Then to have it swept under the carpet shows there is the “ole buddy” system at FHSU

        • Guest

          They obviously wrote their checks to the right person. FHSU is still the only regent school that isn’t in debt and prospering. So I am sorry you feel these gentlemen have done such a terrible job. It saddens me that members of our community feel they need to downplay their great accomplishments and bring our university down.

          • Lane

            I’m not bashing their accomplishments. They have been a great asset to the university and have done a great job. Two people know the truth about the accusations. I’m just saying there never should have been accusations made if everyone was being professional on or off the job.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think that it has anything to do with them not being able to fulfill their roles as President and Provost. Dr. Hammond has done outstanding things for FHSU and is going to make a transition for the new President a very smooth one. As far as Larry Gould, he may have done his job very well too; however, that goes unnoticed when the entire town hears accusations of him “dipping his pen in the company inkwell.” And sadly as human beings, people are going to recognize you for your faults and not your accomplishments and Larry Gould has definitely faulted, but he was the one who chose to do so and so he, nor anyone else, should not expect him to get ridiculed.

      • bosco

        Larry Gould does not have the salesmanship that Ed has. The great asset of Ed was his futuristic thinking. Back in the late eighties when everybody was thinking the present Ed picked the university up with greater need for computers and online courses. That is what made FHSU a leader among Division II schools. That was his doing. It will be hard to replace that. As much as I respected Jerry Tomanek as President he didn’t have the charisma Ed has. Good luck President Hammond. We need to find another indiviudal like that. Taking someone from in house is not a good idea. The university will go stale if you do that. Fresh ideas are needed. Gould is certainly not the guy for this job. I would love to see a younger energetic person. How about a woman President??

  • Guy

    Ole Eddy has to leave FHSU to go run EHarmony.com full time

    • FHSU grad

      That’s funny :) He does look like the same person though. President Hammond is a great guy. He was president when I went to FHSU back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. That’s a long time to have the same job and a lot of knowledge will be leaving with him. Strange that I’ve lived in Hays since the 80’s and only ran into him in public once (besides parades and FHSU functions).