Entertainment group violates law during Global Warrior Challenge

global warrior challengeKansas Securities Commissioner Josh Ney has issued a cease and desist order against Robert S. Beene and Sidelight Entertainment Group, Inc. for multiple alleged violations of the Kansas Uniform Securities Act (KUSA). Sidelight Entertainment Inc. is a private, for-profit corporation located in Atchison and has been previously registered or known by other names, including Global Warrior Challenge and Pickerswarehouse, Inc.

The cease and desist order alleges that Beene and Sidelight Entertainment Group violated the KUSA by offering and selling unregistered securities and committing securities fraud by omitting certain material facts.

sidelight entertainment group british invasionThe unregistered securities sold by Beene included Pay-Per-View Buy-In “points” for the Global Warrior Challenge held at the Sprint Center in Kansas City on June 29, 2013. The Global Warrior Challenge was described as a group of mixed martial arts fights, which included matches between United States and United Kingdom fighters. Points were sold to the public for $5000 per point, and at least one Kansas investor purchased points.

The order also claimed that at the time the Kansas investor purchased the points for the Global Warrior Challenge, Beene failed to disclose a material fact, thus violating the KUSA.  Beene and Sidelight Entertainment Group have the opportunity to request a hearing on the matter within 30 days after service of the order.

The Kansas Securities Commissioner urges any individuals that have had dealings with Robert S. Beene or Sidelight Entertainment Group to contact the Office of the Securities Commissioner at 785-296-3307 or email ksc@ksc.ks.gov.