Writer of Worthless Checks Under Investigation

Check writerHays Police Officers have been busy collecting bad checks in the area.  Ellis County Attorney Tom Drees told Hays Post that Victoria Willmes, who wrote almost 3 dozen bad checks, claims she was coerced into writing the checks by her employer, Larry McVey Jr.

According to the Lieutenant Wright with the Hays Police Department, Willmes turned herself in this summer for writing bad checks.  Wright reiterated what Drees had said: Willmes claimed McVey was the reason she wrote at least some of the checks.

The police department has been busy tracking down each check associated with the case.  There are up to 34 checks that have been collected as evidence.  Drees said that at this time the file for the case is about 2 ½ inches thick and will take quite a bit of time to go through.

Wright said he couldn’t begin to estimate the man hours put into this case, but he knows a great deal of time and effort was put into compiling all the data, saying “massive amounts of paperwork and background work is necessary to work one these cases.”

Drees is reviewing the files in the case to determine which course of action will be taken and what charges will be filed.  At this time, as is common in investigations such as this according to Wright, no arrests have been made.

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    what do you mean im “out of money” I still have checks left

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    I was just following the example I learned from the Government