Bierocks for a good cause

TMP Bake Sale Bierocks

Table lined with bierocks from the  TMP-Marian bake sale. Photo Courtesy of

Time is running out to get bierocks, kuchen or cookie dough orders in, as part of the annual Thomas More Prep Marian Bake Sale Fundraiser.

This year marks the 14th annual bierock, kuchen and cookie dough fundraiser at TMP-Marian and the deadline for orders is Thursday October 31st.

According to Sandy Losey, Advancement Assistant at TMP-Marian, volunteers made 236 dozen bierocks, 218 kuchen and 72 tubs of cookie dough for the fundraiser last year.

TMP-Marian Advancement Director, Jeff Brull said that this is a big fundraiser for the school’s transportation budget, “When we send kids off to football games, track meets, debate tournaments and things for band, it all costs money to run a bus fleet and this really helps off set that costs.”

Brull said a group of staff, students, parents and volunteers will get together on November 8th and they will fill almost every table in the cafeteria with baked goods.

Currently TMP-Marian is in the process of purchasing two new 14-passenger busses and Brull said this bake sale, along with the Monarch Football Madness fundraiser has helped for the new busses.

Brull also noted that they are also looking for volunteers to help on the 8th.

For more information on the bake sale or to put in an order email (785) 625-6577 or email Sandy at





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