Local Sears store open or not?

SearsThe Sears Hometown Center store at 2508 Vine in Hays was closed (chained shut) on Saturday.

A store spokesperson told callers they were working to get the store open again. It did open later on Saturday.

Store owner Trevor May told Hays Post on October 9,  that a “certain chain of events” that afternoon had allowed the store to remain open.

May wouldn’t comment the events in any detail, but was certain there are no longer any plans to close the store.


  • 2322

    What a dumb title. Hays Post is a news site? Why doesn’t Hays Post do some investigating and tell us if Sears is in fact open or closed?

    • Chief59

      Is Hays Post really a news site? Seems to me to be more of a gossip site and a place for a certain business/editor to push articles based on their own agenda.

  • hmmmm

    But yet both of you are on the Hays Pot site reading their articles. Seems to me they are getting their job done.

    • Chief59

      Sometimes you just can’t help watching a car wreck.

  • Reader

    News is what is happening that is visible, or known to someone somehow. Commentary is what you think about what you can see and sometimes can’t see. That is what the comment section does in today’s world I think.

  • redneck idiot

    Why don’t we all just start emailing sears corporate and complain and tell them we would like to see this sears store replaced with a sears that offers clothing and housewares instead of just appliances and tools.