Is Kansas short-changing the disabled?

DRC director Rocky Nichols

DRC director Rocky Nichols

(AP) — A Kansas advocacy group says the state has failed for four years to comply with targets for delivering services to developmentally disabled people and may be violating federal law by providing only partial benefits to some.

The Disability Rights Center believes 3,300 developmentally disabled Kansans who qualify for Medicaid services continue to be denied aid. The group says the state also left empty between hundreds of slots it was obligated to fill from 2009 to 2013.

DRC director Rocky Nichols says states must follow through on promises to the federal government to serve a set number of people, but Kansas hasn’t. He says it’s also not legal to maintain a second-tier list for the underserved.


  • bill

    My Wife has been waiting for about 4 years for them to just make a determination!! and of course no benefits, nothing for her but Dr bills during this delay!!

    • Yahooserious

      Welcome to a conservative government. I bet the Koch brothers got the tax benefits they paid for last election though.

  • Chief59

    Kansas, where you don’t matter if you are disabled (mentally or physically), are a child, a woman, are pregnant, are ill, need government programs such as food stamps or unemployment, or are black, brown, or any color other than white.

    Nope, here you only get treated like a living, breathing human if you are a corporation, or are a white male.

    Welcome to the world brought to you by the Koch brothers puppet – er, Governor Sam Brownback and everyone who voted for him for the sole reason of him being the Republican candidate and not the other guy with a (D) next to his name. You’re welcome, please come again to vote for the same sh#t again next year.

    • Yahooserious