Former state senator to challenge Kobach

Jean Schodorf

Jean Schodorf

AP) — Former state Sen. Jean Schodorf plans to launch her campaign for Kansas secretary of state with an event in Wichita this week.

Schodorf has scheduled a news conference Wednesday at the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview in downtown Wichita. She’ll be running as a Democrat, hoping to challenge incumbent Republican Kris Kobach in the November 2014 general election.

The former lawmaker from Wichita served 12 years in the state Senate as a Republican and chaired the chamber’s Education Committee.

But Schodorf was a GOP moderate, and conservatives successfully targeted her for defeat in the Republican primary in August 2012. She later switched parties to run for secretary of state.

Mission Hills businessman Randy Rolston also has filed for the Democratic nomination in the August 2014 primary.

  • Chief59

    This shows how far right our state and country have shifted. A former Republican is now considered a Democrat, even though her views haven’t shifted. This country needs to move back to the center and quit letting the farthest of the far right dictate how our country is governed.

    • Yahooserious

      Agreed. It’s bad when a member of your own party isn’t right wing(aka crazy) enough that you have to force her out to elect a more right wing “conservative”. Conservative to me = take two steps back. Ultra or neoconservative = f*cking moron.

      • Chief59

        Ha, love your definitions. I had always voted Republican across the board until 2008. My parents are Republicans, so that’s simply how I voted. Now I am old enough to actually step back and look at the issues at hand, and how each candidate proposes handling said issues. At this point in time, I have no idea how I could possibly vote Republican in any upcoming elections. This is especially true of the new brand of ultra-conservative Christian right that we have seen lately. Unfortunately, I live in Kansas, and the majority will still vote for those guys, so my vote is not worth much.


    You already have one vote, Mine