Two Arrested for Counterfeit Bills

The Hays Police Department (HPD) has recently seen an increase of counterfeit bills being passed in town. The HPD normally sees a low level of counterfeit bill reports from month to month.  This October the police department has taken 14 reports with 24 counterfeit bills being passed at various local businesses, and more reports are still coming in.

On October 21, 2013 a local business called the police department and reported someone trying to get change for a counterfeit bill.  HPD officers responded and arrested 24 year old Sarah Leiker.  Further investigation led to a search warrant and the arrest of Leiker’s acquaintance, 25 year old Michael Hawkins.  Both Leiker and Hawkins live in Hays.

Due to the increase of counterfeit bills (primarily $20’s, $10’s, & $5’s) being passed in the Hays area, the Hays Police Department would like people and businesses to be aware and call the police right away if they encounter a counterfeit bill.   If you have been given a counterfeit bill, be aware of who provided the counterfeit bill, their description, their vehicle description including tag number, and the incident itself when the counterfeit bill was passed.  People should not put themselves in harms way in collecting information on counterfeit bills.  Businesses should follow their policy and procedures when encountering a counterfeit bill.

If you have questions or information about counterfeit bills, please contact the Hays Police Department at (785) 625-1030.  The following weblinks provide individuals with more information on counterfeit bills.

  • BobOil

    Ut-oh, counterfeiting = Federal time. No parole… bad choice.

  • Darwin

    Not smart kids not smart. Gonna be time in the system for you.

  • Mrs. Fisher

    Beautiful Sarah. You are worth SO much more than any guy/criminal. I pray you will learn the beauty of life when it is not spent looking for acceptance in unworthy companions. You will only ever find true happiness and love with in yourself. No one will ever give it to you. As always, I am here praying for you.

  • Ignored

    I’m glad to see the Hays PD taking action against this. We have reported counterfeit money ($100 bills) to the WaKeeney PD and it was brushed under the rug. It has been over 6 months now, and I’m sure they’ve forgotten.

  • guest

    Pure trash