Survey: 58% Of Kansans Disapprove Of Governor Brownback

Kansas Democratic Party Chair Joan Wagnon issued a statement following the release of a Survey USA poll of Kansas voters that showed Sam Brownback’s Kansas Demsdisapproval rating spiking to 58%, a ten point increase since SurveyUSA’s last Kansas poll in July of 2012:

“Sam Brownback can’t hide from the truth: his policies are hurting Kansas families and they know it. Brownback has raised sales taxes, slashed funding for our schools and universities, and pulled support from our most vulnerable Kansans, children living in poverty. Governor Brownback promised to protect education funding, but then made the largest cut to education in Kansas history. Governor Brownback promised to fight poverty, but poverty continues to grow on his watch. Governor Brownback promised more jobs for Kansans desperate for work, but unemployment is on the rise. The only promise Governor Brownback has kept is his promise to give tax breaks to the wealthy and well-connected. Common sense Kansans want a leader who will put Kansas families first and keep his word – and Governor Brownback has done neither. Kansans are ready to get Kansas back on track and that means getting rid of Sam Brownback.”
Brownback performed poorly across the board, but did especially poorly with independents and moderates. 68% of independent voters and 76% of moderate voters said they disapproved of the job Sam Brownback was doing as governor. Brownback’s poor performance also extended to both men and women and all ages groups, with a majority of all age groups and a majority of both men and women disapproving of Brownback’s job performance.

In addition to a 58% disapproval rating, the SurveyUSA poll found that Brownback’s personal favorability is also at an all time low. Only 22% of Kansans had a favorable opinion of Sam Brownback, with 15% of independents saying they had a favorable opinion of Brownback and a shocking 35% of all Kansas Republicans saying they had a favorable opinion of Brownback.


  • Yahooserious

    This article is so true. I’ll be voting democrat next round. Have planned that for a while now though.