State Ed Board member criticized for biz promotion

Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts

(AP) — A Kansas State Board of Education member is receiving criticism for passing out brochures for his tutoring business at a meeting.

Board member Steve Roberts refers to himself as “Mr. X, Mentor of Mathematics.” Earlier this month, he distributed cards to dozens of high school guests from Topeka.

The cards directed the students to an Internet website where clients can subscribe to a math instructional program for $15 per month. The site, but not the cards, say Kansans can access tutorials for free.

Several fellow board members are objecting, including chairwoman Jana Shaver. She says a board meeting isn’t the proper forum for Roberts to make students aware of Mr. X services.

Roberts says handing out the marketing materials was a spur-of-the-moment calculation.


  • BusinessChic

    I think what he did made good business sense. I don’t think there’s a conflict of interest, so I’m not sure why handing out brochures was a problem.