Poll: Offensive Halloween Costumes. What do you think?

It’s Halloween weekend…The University of Colorado at Boulder is asking students not to wear Halloween costumes that might offend others.Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 6.39.05 AM

A Dean told students that  dressing up as someone from another culture can lead to hurtful portrayals of other cultures.

Students are being asked to avoid wearing costumes that portray cowboys, indians and anything involving a sombrero. Does that take the fun out of Halloween?



  • BringItOn

    The one day a girl can dress as ‘slutty’ as she wants and no one will say a word!!

  • Hays

    Take a chill pill. It’s ridiculous that someone is worried about someone dressing up like a cowboy. If people didn’t make it a problem there would be no problem. Just ignore the guy dressed up like a cowboy and go about your day.

  • redneck idiot

    I would like to put on a barack hussein obama mask and wear a KU KLUX KLAN uniform.