Police Arrest Man for Hit and Run Involving a House

Michael FrenchThe Hays Police Department sent out the following release regarding a motor vehicle accident.

On Friday  at 12:48 AM, the Hays Police Department responded to a report of a hit-and-run accident at 2900 Willow.  A Ford pickup had left the roadway, struck the house, and then fled the scene.  The crash caused considerable damage to the home, but there were no injuries.  Officers located the run vehicle in the 300 Blk of E 33rd St.

“The driver, Michael A. French, 24, Hays, was arrested and cited for DUI, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident, and Failure to Report an Accident. The Hays Fire Department and Midwest Energy also responded to this accident and assisted in making the scene safe.”

The home damaged by French’s vehicle was the same one previously reported to have a gas leak that emergency crews were dispatched to after midnight.

  • Reality

    Freakin’ idiot.

  • Disgusted

    Once again the HaysPost rather than simply carry the story without naming the person until they have been charged decides to release their name and photograph. Nothing new from this shoddy news source. I suppose you could say guilty until proven innocent would be their motto, but in all reality they won’t carry any information on the individuals wrongfully arrested, so that doesn’t even apply.

    • Darwin

      HE HIT A FREAKING HOUSE! HOW DID HE NOT KNOW? HOW DID HE NOT SEE IT? Let me tell you how. He was drinking. While I do think their needs to be a disclaimer that all parties are innocent until proven guilty. People who make poor decisions will be on here or anywhere else people feel like posting. Stop whining and instead educate people to make better decisions.

      • Yahooserious

        educate people? what are we living in a civilized society? I think not Mr. Darwin. Your lack of god has brought us to this point.
        Haha just joking.

    • User

      While I agree that posting of mugshots and names for certain offenses is excessive, this would be typical in many similarly reported cases, at the very least to release the name of the suspect. Sadly, the real problem is that little follow up is reported in many of these cases, making the originally reported incidents nothing more than gossip fodder.

    • Reality

      @Disgusted… no kidding. At speed, he departs the roadway by a margin of 20 yards and punches into the wall of a house with enough force to send the child’s bed across the room. Had the child been in his bed, this had the makings of a potential terrible outcome. Fortunately, it’s just a lot of property damage. And it’s HaysPost at fault? Arrest records are public records, and in most states in the US the local media publishes these. Folks have a right to know about the idiots walking among them. This guy screwed up, bigtime. And he’s very lucky he didn’t kill a kid.