Moran: “KS business owners hurt by Obamacare” (VIDEO)

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U-S Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) talks to Hays Rotary Club members Monday.

“It’s a terrible law and the consequences are dramatic.  If I could find a way to undo what we’ve done, I’d be at the front of the line.”

That’s what U-S Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) thinks of the Affordable Care Act, commonly called “Obamacare.”

The former Hays resident was in Hays Monday as a guest of the Rotary Club.

Moran shared stories about three Kansas business owners he’s visited who are changing their business plans because of the new mandatory national healthcare:

The Obama administration said Wednesday night it will give Americans who buy health insurance through new online marketplaces an extra six weeks, until March 31, to obtain coverage before they risk a penalty.

  • Nice Aim

    Way to bring in the old white crowd Jerry. You know your target audience. Please try and help the rest of Kansas also.

  • Guie LeDeuche

    I’ve heard him tell that grocery store story four different ways now.

  • hmmmm

    I have to agree 100% with Jerry. I work for a company right here in Hays that has had many employees leave and got a different job, simply becuase they can work more than 29 hrs a week. So why would they work for their current employer for 29hrs a week with no insurance coverage, or they can go to somewhere else and work 36 hrs a week and still no insurance coverage. Logic says you go where you get more hours which means more money. Nobama Care is a joke.

    • Chief59

      This is just a business using the law as an excuse to cut hours. Most examples I’ve seen of businesses cutting hours have been ones that were exempt from the law to begin with. That is called greed.

      • hmmmm

        I can promise you that is not what is going on here. If our company was to give these employees more than 29hrs then they would have to give the employee full benifits, which is not in the working budget and would put the company under. So to answer your question, NO this is not about a greed thing it is about our so called leader thinking he is helping, but once again he is wrong.

        • Chief59

          If a business has less than 50 FULL TIME employees, they are exempt. If they have more than fifty full time employees, then yes, they do have to offer health insurance. Which applies to your company?

          • hmmmm

            Yes it does apply to the company I work for. And yes it is hurting us and the people the come to us for buisness, as we dont have enough employees without out our part time employees to provide the needs to our customers as we were before. We are hearing many complaints already from our customers that there needs are not met as well as they used to be. So not only is Obama Care hurting our buisness right now, it is going to hurt us in the future as well, as people are going to start going elsewhere.

          • AMERICAN

            Give me break 51 employees at full time or 102 employees at half time wages ,comes out the same production and just wait in that 1 year reprieve Obama will fix that loop hole on big business

          • hmmmm

            I really wish you would change your name from AMERICAN, because with your reasoning behnd this subject you are giving us Americans a bad rap.
            Let me explain this to you so maybe you can understand it.
            Our company has between 75-100 full time employees which recieve full benifits.
            Our company HAD around 40-50 part time employees who were working up to 40 hrs or as needed, With no benifits. (these employees have since left due to not gettign enough hours).

            How do you figure that we could pay our part time employees full benifits as well as keep our full time staff at where they are, and remain in the black with our budget?
            Or are you saying make everyone part time? This would be an Nobama suggestion with the way he runs things.

      • blind r

        Chief obviously doesn’t read much. There are long lists of entities, both public and private, that are limiting employees to less than 30 hours that are a direct result of the new limitations. These range from large companies to smaller ones.

        If one calls it greed, they’ve been drinking the kool-aid. It’s called a sound business decision when one can easily determine the “whys”. If you can work someone 32 hours and add to your overhead or work them 29 hours and reduce overhead, it makes sense. Oh, wait a minute, with some that’s called greed – to me that may make a difference between keeping the doors open versus “greed”. Give me a break :(.

        • Chief59

          I read quite a bit actually. I have seen quite a few instances of businesses EXEMPT from the law limiting employee hours to 29. Those are the ones I define as greedy. Tax credits are available for a good portion of businesses as well. Everyone here is acting like businesses are holy saints that look out for their employees, when in reality, all that matters is the bottom line to a lot of them. I am lucky enough that the company I work for provides me with health insurance.

          • stone_cold_steve_austin

            Chief, as a small business owner of two businesses in the area, I find you comments insulting. But of course I am learning that is how the far left wingers work. Insult people and kick dirt at them is the only way people really pay attention to you. ALL businesses pay attention to the bottom line. But very few make decisions on how they will treat their employees by using the bottom line. If you comment “looking out for their employees” insinuates that small business owners “look out” for their own family before their employees families, then you are somewhat correct. But isn’t that the whole idea? You look out for your family greater than your fellow employees family, right? To think that a lot of small businesses would hurt their employees just to make more money is asinine and insulting. I guess that is why you are an employee and not an employer. With that kind of thinking, no one would want to work for you.

          • Chief59

            Most business, especially small local ones, do really care about their employees. That doesn’t mean it is the case for all businesses. I’m not attempting to insult anyone. However, the instances that I have actually seen, not just heard rumors about, all involved companies cutting hours even though they didn’t have to. Look at the fast food restaurants that have made a big deal about the ACA, for example. How many full time employees do they have in relation to full-time?

          • stone_cold_steve_austin

            Fast food restaurants have always employed more part-timers than full-timers. Cheap part-time labor to sell cheap food has always been their model. Since he economy continues to struggle, we are seeing more career minded people gaining employment in this industry. Seems that everyone can always afford cheap food. Heck, many of these fast food restaurants are exempt from Obamacare so they wouldn’t have to worry about cutting full-timers to part-time. There are businesses that do only care about the bottom-line but they are few and far in between. Similar reference would be to health care or welfare fraud. They are few and far in between but they are out there.

          • Chief59

            Fast food restaurants are the ones I was talking about. A few have come out talking about cutting hours to avoid having to provide insurance, even though the majority of their employees are already part-time. McDonald’s and Papa John’s are two examples. McDonalds already does offer a limited insurance plan that their employees pay for. Papa John’s is the one I really have a problem with. When the CEO says that he has to raise the price of his product $0.14 to cover insurance, but that he is ALSO going to cut hours so that he doesn’t have to pay the insurance…..That is flat out greed. If you are raising the cost, why do you have to cut the hours? If you are cutting the hours, why do you have to charge more also? Double speak at it’s finest.

            Honestly, if fast food doubled in price our health care would most likely be a lot cheaper than it is today.

        • AMERICAN


  • paxson

    “It’s a terrible law and the consequences are dramatic. If I could find a way to undo what we’ve done, I’d be at the front of the line.”

    way to go Jerry. throw in the towel and quit fighting. you’re useless as a representative. always riding the fence and can’t make a decision to save your soul.