KFIX Rock News: Paul McCartney Says He Still Writes Songs With John Lennon

beatcollageNEW YORK (AP) – Even though John Lennon has been dead for decades, Paul McCartney says they still write together.

McCartney tells Rolling Stone if he gets stuck on a song, he’ll “throw it across the room to John.”

He says Lennon will say, “You can’t go there, man,” and McCartney will respond, “You’re quite right. How about this?”

McCartney says they’ll have a conversation.

George Harrison’s voice still speaks to him, too.

He says Harrison would encourage him to forgive, which is why he gets along better now with Yoko Ono.  He says Harrison would tell him not to have bad things hanging around in his life.

McCartney says if Lennon loved Ono, there’s got to be something there — although he still describes Ono as a “bada**.”

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