Huelskamp has reservations about Prairie Chicken plan

Tim HuelskampRepresentative Tim Huelskamp (KS-1) expresses his reserved support for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) endorsement of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Lesser Prairie-Chicken Range-Wide Conservation Plan. Congressman Huelskamp believes this decision is moving in the right direction to provide support to Kansas’ farms, ranches, and businesses:

“The USFWS endorsement of the range-wide conservation plan is a step in the right direction. I appreciate their recognition that voluntary conservation efforts of private individuals, as well as state and local agencies, are the most effective tool to protect the Lesser Prairie Chicken. Even so, I remain concerned that the proposal was not seen as adequate to prevent the bird from being listed as an endangered species. The lack of specific targets, for population numbers or for protected habitat, remains a significant concern; without them, there is no guarantee that any conservation efforts will ever be enough to prevent a listing or to delist the bird later.

Rather than considering the potentially devastating impacts a listing may have farms, ranches, the oil and gas industry, and electrical transmission development and the overall economic growth of rural America, USFWS continues to be focused on crafting settlements with litigious environmental groups that cannot achieve their agenda with the support of the American people. A listing threatens jobs, families, and the very way of life enjoyed by millions living in rural America. I encourage the administration to allow the range-wide conservation plan to do its work, to not list the bird, and allow the voluntary efforts of private individuals, state and local agencies to do their work in protecting the Lesser Prairie Chicken.”

  • PCL

    Isn’t it illegal to interrupt the well ordered flow of evolution by artificially “protecting” weaker species thus denying them the opportunity to evolve?? Just think, if we left them alone the Lesser Prairie Chicken might someday be a Greater Prairie Chicken. No that is adaptation. Someday they might be a Coyote! Now that is evolution!

    • This Guy

      Humans would have wiped out nearly every living species by now if it were not for conservation efforts. Don’t let any thing get between Hueskamp and his oil. Thank god we don’t have the cure for cancer in Kansas sitting in the oil patch. He would drill straight through it for his liquid gold. No foresight plus greed is a dangerous combination.

      • dixon

        on a side note article in USA Today stated the tea-partiers are going after farm subsidies next. isn’t timmy a big tea-party guy? and he’s a big farmer type guy. something has got to give timmy. which side of the fence are ya gonna stand on for this one?

    • just some guy

      oooohhh you said evolution, according to the Catholics there is no such thing as evolution, so what are you a heathen science creep LOL

      • Chris

        Actually, the Catholic hierarchy is fine with evolution(even popes have supported it). They understand the science and know that railing against it is futile. Many church hierarchies accept evolution, and some have even come out against Intelligent Design!

        The problems with evolution occur when the religious folk underlings haven’t caught up with the 21st century.

    • Chris

      Evolution is a change in gene frequencies in a population over time. Adaptation is a part of evolution.

      Evolution is not a prairie chicken changing into a coyote.

      A prairie chicken changing into a coyote sounds more like an LSD induced hallucination.

      • PCL

        How about a single celled something that came from nothing changing into a Chris through the change in gene frequencies over time? Does that sound like an LSD hallucination? It does. I agree.

        • Chris

          Come take my class on evolution. It’s orientated towards middle school students, so you should do fine. You are overgeneralizing and using an absurd argument.

          That’s like saying Baking doesn’t really existing. Eggs and flour changing into a cake? Absurd!

          • PCL

            Once again I agree with you. Remove the Baker that does the baking and Eggs and flour changing into a cake is absurd . Without the baker the eggs can either become food for the possum, rot or become chickens. The flour, which can’t exist without grain and a grinder, becomes just more decaying organic matter. Add the baker and you create many lovely things including cake. Where do I sign up for your class?

          • Chris

            I think our divergent thinking is that you think the ‘baker’ is a being called god and I have a more logical, scientific stance.

            I do find it interesting that people that dismiss evolution on the basis of ‘how did something(life) come from nothing(organic/inorganic matter),’ believe that a supreme being created everything from nothing.

  • chicken man

    Prairie chickens rock!