Kansas Girl, 5, killed in farming accident

3400 and Key Road, the site of Wednesday's fatal accident

3400 and Key Road, the site of Wednesday’s fatal accident

A farming accident has claimed the life of a 5-year-old Dickinson County girl.

Dickinson County Sheriff Gareth Hoffman said emergency crews were called to bean field in the area of 3400 Avenue and Key Road around 5:00p.m. Wednesday evening to the report of a farming accident.

Sheriff Hoffman said Brian Debenham and his daughter Brooklyn Debenham were in the cab of an enclosed combine cutting soybeans.

Brian Debenham said he hit a bump, and the girl fell through the front glass of the combine and fell onto the header.

The accident occurred about 10 miles north and east of Abilene.



  • Enough is Enough

    Enough is Enough this guy needs to go to jail. We hear over and over on TV radio around this time of the year how dangerous farm equipment is and have it drilled in to your head that little children are unsafe around it to keep having incidents like this happen is appalling. I know hes devastated and feels horrible and didn’t mean to do it it was a terrible accident. But someone has to stand up for the victim here

    • Farmer

      So if your child were to be killed by lets say a door opening on a moving car and they get run over, you should go to jail.

      • Charges prevent future ignoran

        Ignorance is no excuse, but im glad some of you think its ok to have a 5 year old ride in the cab of a combine. We have statistics on these type of very preventable accident and anyone with even a little common sense would know that its a terrible idea.
        The only person who gets a pass on not knowing this was ok is the 5 years old and now shes dead.

        • other shoe

          Your so called “statistics” have nothing to do with riding in combines or tractors with cabs. Your stats involve all types of farm accidents the vast majority of which have nothing to do with being inside a cab. Inside the cab is no different than being in a car. A child bumps its head against the window accidentally, you do not expect the heavy glass to break. YOU are as ignorant as enough it enough.

      • Charges prevent future ignoran

        Read the manual that comes with the combine or turn the radio on and either will tell you that 5 years old never belong around a combine thats operating let alone in one. Thats the difference a combine or farm machinery is not a moving car its ten times as dangerous and they don’t have anywhere for a car seat. But im glad you think its ok and give this guy a pass. wonder what this guy’s daughter would say if she wasnt dead and someone had explained the risks to her. Even a five year old could understand why an adult would say no to combine rides with your attitude maybe we shouldn’t even warn people of the inherent danger

    • enough too

      yes, sending the guy to jail would make it all better wouldn’t it? of course, don’t worry about what losing a child AND a dad might do to the rest of the surviving family …. as long as some butt-insky victims advocate that doesn’t know any more of the situation feels better about themselves in an anonymous internet post. that is going to haunt that man for the rest of his life, no jail sentence is going to be needed. with any luck the family will survive and stay together but it’s going to take a lot of support and counseling for them to even have a chance

    • Please

      You Sir or Madam are speaking foolishness. Fatal Accidents to children on the farm, are dwarfed by the loss of life in automobiles and backyard Pools. When you solve those problems by throwing everyone in Jail, then you can start on Farms. Or you could just think for a moment and understand it was a Tragic Accident in an otherwise very normal human day. Would it have been different if the Combine mechanic with a wife and three kids at home was riding along to see how the machine was working and this happened to him? Would the tragedy been less? An innocent life lost is an innocent life lost. It was nobodies “fault.”
      Mercy for this family.

    • Nick from Concordia

      If you want someone to go to jail, post your real name and location.

  • Guests

    Sorrow and prayers goes out to the family. But that little girl did not have no business in a combine or tractor or any farm equipment.

  • Tragic

    Absolutely tragic. This father was just taking his little girl with him to create memories they could cherish together. Farmers have been doing this for generations. This is a freak accident and one can hope that somehow this family can someday heal and find peace.

  • Illegal and Stupid

    I just realized why these type of accidents still happen with the frequency that they do. Apparently a significant amount of people in this area anyway think that this is ok and acceptable behavior(having kids around farm equipment).