Dog park and Truck purchase on Commission Agenda

CITY OF HAYS COMMISSION MEETING THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2013 – 6:30 P.M.    Watch it LIVE on Eagle channel 14 or 614hays ks logo
1. Call to order by Chairperson.
2. MINUTES: Consider approval of the minutes from the regular meeting held on
October 10, 2013. (PAGE 1)
3. HAYS EMPLOYEE SERVICE RECOGNITION: Recognize City of Hays employees for
their length of service to the Hays community. (PAGE 3)
4. FINANCIAL STATEMENT: Consider accepting the Financial Statement for the month of
September 2013. (PAGE 9)
5. CITIZEN COMMENTS: (non-agenda items).
6. PRESENTATION OF SMART RURAL COMMUNITY AWARD: Representatives of Nex-Tech will present the Smart Rural Community Award to the City of Hays. (PAGE 69)
7. CONSENT AGENDA: (Items to be approved by the Commission in one motion, unless objections are raised).
A. Business Resolution: Dora Lee’s Upscale Resale (PAGE 73)
B. Mayoral Appointment for Approval: Hays Area Board of Zoning Appeals (PAGE 75)
(No business to review)
8. HAYS DOG PARK – PHASE I AND PHASE 2 FUNDING: Consider approving construction bids for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Hays Dog Park with funds transferred from the Friends of the Hays Dog Park into the Special Park budget and remaining items of Phase 2 to be purchased once FHDP raises adequate funds. (PAGE 77)
9. RESOLUTION TO REPEAL RESOLUTION NO. 2013-017 WHICH ESTABLISHED A BENEFIT DISTRICT FOR LOTS 1-24 WITHIN THE REPLAT OF LOT 2, BLOCK 9, GOLDEN BELT 8TH ADDITION: Consider approving Resolution No. 2013-022 to repeal Resolution No. 2013-017 which established a Benefit District for Lots 1-24 within the Replat of Lot 2, Block 9, Golden Belt 8th Addition. (PAGE 83)
10. GOLDEN BELT ESTATES 5TH ADDITION PHASE II RESOLUTION TO ESTABLISH BENEFIT DISTRICT (JAGGER COURT): Consider approving Resolution No. 2013-023 authorizing the creation of a special benefit district for infrastructure improvements for the development of 16 lots adjacent to Jagger Court within the Golden Belt Estates 5th Addition. (PAGE 93)11. SCHOOL ZONE ORDINANCE: Consider approving Ordinance No. 3874 amending Section 62-109 of the City of Hays, Kansas, Municipal Code regarding school zones, and direct staff to install related signage. (PAGE 101)
12. WATER AND SEWER LINE IMPROVEMENTS: FORT STREET, 26TH STREET AND US-183 BYPASS – AWARD OF BID: Consider authorizing the City Manager to enter a Contract with APAC-Kansas, Inc. for the waterline upgrades on Fort and 26th Streets, and for replacement of sanitary sewer force main along the US-183 By-pass. Funding would be from the Water and Sewer Capital Reserve fund. (PAGE 109)
13. PURCHASE OF 1-TON UTILITY TRUCK FOR THE UTILITIES DEPARTMENT: Consider approving the bid from Bob Moore Ford, LLC for the purchase of the 1-ton utility truck for the Utilities Department. (PAGE 117)

  • 8 am meeting at 13th and vine

    The Commission should meet at the corner of 13th and Vine at 8 am to see their handiwork with cutting traffic lanes in half and adding bike lanes!

  • Reaper

    The city commissioners need to start thinking. 13th Street is going to be a joke. I think they mainly did it to have more lines you have to stay inside because if you touch one that gives the police reasonable cause to pull you over for DUI. Oh and who is going to fund the Dog Park? Better raise the taxes again. Tax Tax Tax

  • Guests

    City keeps doing there dumb stuff this whole town will be going to the dogs.

  • idiots…

    why don’t they buy this truck from a local dealer? You know keep money local. Idiots…

  • Sierra guy

    I love dogs but this dog park worries me. Effluent water has been & will be used to maintain the park. The former Hays water & sewer manager is on trial right now in Wichita for falsifying the amount pollution levels in the effluent water! Maybe I should worry about the kids too! HDN, the lackey for local government, has stopped reporting on it.