Wednesday High Speed Chase of Stolen Vehicle (VIDEO )

1  A high speed chase through portions of Salina on Wednesday as police chased a stolen plumber’s van. At one point the chase was in the vicinity of Lakewood Middle School.

Multiple Salina Police Officers voiced their concerns about all the children in the area.

During the chase, multiple Spike-Strips were released in an attempt to stop the van. The van also evaded road blocks and was reported to be going against traffic at some moments while in the Salina City limits. Officers finally shot out the vehicle’s tires and made an arrest.

BREAKING:  3:20pm

Salina Police were involved in a high speed police chase of a stolen plumber’s van this afternoon in the city of Salina.  According to eye witness reports, an unidentified man approached a vehicle and tried unsuccessfully to car-jack that vehicle before getting into a plumber’s van and taking off.  Police caught up to the van on Ohio street near Crawford and that’s where the chase began.

The chase continued as the stolen van led police to south Salina near Wal-Mart, where the driver of the van cut through the Wal-Mart parking lot and headed north on 9th street to near Diamond Drive. From there the driver led police to I-70 where he headed East.

Police were ready with spike-strips and the van was stopped in a field just East of town.  The driver was taken into custody at the scene.