Joseph Martin Lindenberger

Kelda Margaret Shippy, Address: Hays, Age: 31, Charges: 21-6203(a)(2) Disorderly conduct; Disturbing a meeting, assembly or procession; Criminal Damage, Criminal Trespass
Andrew Michael Greene, Address: Hays, Age: 54, Charges: 21-5414(a)(1)(B1) Domestic battery; Knowing or reckless bodily harm to family member
Hannah Tomine Madison, Address: Hays, Age: 38, Charges: 21-5915(a) Failure to appear; 21-5915(a) Failure to appear; 21-5915(a) Failure to appear
Joseph Martin Lindenberger, Address: Hoisington, Age: 43, Charges: 8-1567(a)(b1)(A) Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol; 1st conviction