FDA warns pet owners of dangerous jerky treats

fda-logo(AP) — The Food and Drug Administration is asking dog and cat owners to report any problems their pets have had after eating jerky pet treats.

In a notice to consumers and veterinarians published Tuesday, the agency said it has linked illnesses from jerky treats to 3,600 dogs and 10 cats since 2007. About 580 of those pets have died.

The FDA says its Center for Veterinary Medicine has run more than 1,200 tests, visited pet treat manufacturing plants in China and worked with researchers, state labs and foreign governments but still hasn’t determined the cause of the pet illness.

The FDA says pets can suffer from a decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting and diarrhea among other symptoms within hours of eating the jerky treats.

  • observer

    there are various different treats on the market. Care to give us a clue as to which brands are causing the problem or should we just keep guessing??

    • Chris

      Anything that says “processed” or “made” in China should be avoided. There have been several instances in the last few years of pet food/treats from China being contaminated.

      I’m not sure if pet foods/treats have a country label on them. I like to use dogfoodadvisor.com when looking for dog foods and recall histories. You’ll be shocked at the crap they put in dog foods. (Purina, Pedigree, Ol Roy, etc.)

      • Rocket Science

        I didnt realize they made anything outside of China any longer.

    • Rocket Science

      Feed you dog baby carrotts. Its better for them and you wont have to worry about this.