Skate Competition in Hays

Ryan Lawson, 18, of Hays at last years Sk8toberfest.  Photo courtesy of White Chocolate

Ryan Lawson, 18, of Hays at last year’s Sk8toberfest.  Photo courtesy of White Chocolate

A free skateboard competition will be held in Hays this weekend.  The Sk8oberfest Sk8board Competition will be held Saturday, October 26th from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. at Aubel Bickle Skate Park at 29th and Grant Ave.  The event, which is sponsored by White Chocolate, is free for all amateur skateboarders to enter regardless of skill level.

Derek Hadley, Manager of White Chocolate on Main St, told Hays Post that he estimates it’s the 14th year that the store has held a fall skateboard competition.  Hadley said that there is no need for people to pre-register: anyone interested in competing can show up at the skate park around noon and sign up.

Hadley says that over the years, attendance at the event has ranged from 30 to 70 entrants, with competitors coming from all over the state.  Lately, he says the event averages about 50 skaters.

Competition will be organized into four classes

  • 12 and Under
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

The top three places in each class will earn prizes, which are all contributed by White Chocolate from within the store.  Safety equipment is recommended but not required to compete.

Hadley added that while the intent is for kids to come out, have fun and stay interested in skating, he’d also like to see this event spark change at the park.  Currently, organizers have to take obstacles to the park for competitions, and he’d like to see enough interest to add to the existing park.

“We take out a lot of different obstacles like wooden ramps, grind boxes and rails to make it more enticing for skateboarders to make the journey to Hays.  Although there are only about 50 skaters competing there are usually at least 100 or more spectators.  That’s basically why we are trying to get the expansion going with the park.  We’re pretty lucky to be on I-70 and want to make the Hays skatepark a destination for skateboarders or people traveling with kids that are into the sport.”

He said that he hasn’t spoken to City Commissioners yet, but he has spoken with the Parks Department, who seemed receptive to the idea of making improvements to the skate park.

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