Chamber adds Projects Coordinator

The Hays Area Chamber of Commerce has added Jessica Krogstad to the team as the new Projects Coordinator.Krogstad

She will oversee all of the external communications and promotion of Chamber activities and events, as well as assist with the Hays Area Young Professionals, Ambassadors, and Leadership Hays programs.

A Minnesota native, Krogstad graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and has worked in the nonprofit sector for many years.

After enduring many Minnesota winters, she finally smartened up and moved south. Over the past two years, she and her husband have enjoyed the weather and meeting the people of the community.



  • Tired of B.S.’ers

    Another whatever coordinator to think of ways to spend taxpayer $’s.

    • disqus_ODa0i2F348

      The Chamber is member funded, does not use Taxpayer money!

  • Joe

    Honest question, does the Chamber pay rent for the use of the Visitors Convention Bureau, which the taxpayer paid a pretty penny for and continues to pay to maintain?

    • Tired of BS

      As far as I know, all the agencies that occupy the CVB receive monies
      thru the City & County Commissions. The agencies in the CVB are: Downtown Hays Development Corp., Ellis Coalition for Economic Dev., the Chamber, and the CVB itself. Besides what the Commissions gives annually to these agencies there is also various special tax funds from liquor, highway & special tax funds, quest taxes, etc.. They are to track because they are hidden & disguised in the city and county budgets. These funds are then channeled to these so called ‘outside agencies’. All the employees in the CVB receive their salaries & pensions, & benefits from taxpayers funds. Every plan or brainstorm that these agencies can dream up (examples: bike paths, ChestNUT St. restorations of old building façades & interiors by Liberty Group of Plainville, Sports Complex, banners on streetlights, Scavenger hunts, parades, etc.) will affect the amount of taxes you pay. This one building inhabitants decide what they think YOU need, not necessarily what YOU want, but what THEY want! The Chamber is thinking of the businesses of THEIR MEMBERS, NOT YOU!

      • Joe

        You reflect my thoughts exactly. I’m all for jump starting some programs like the downtown development. However, at some point the business owners need to take ownership of these programs themselves. By ownership, I mean pay the salaries of the individuals who represent and work for the Downtown Development Corp. and other costs associated with the program. No free rent either. This goes for other similar projects. I believe rent to assist the taxpayer would be a good start for the Chamber as well. These programs need to stand on their own completely, NO taxpayer money! Now we have bike lanes, the maintenance of the things will be a forever cost to the taxpayer. Up next will be their convention center. It’s a want by area businesses but the bill will be footed by the taxpayer. The cost of employees and maintenance will be paid by the taxpayer as well. It will never turn a profit, so once again a new forever cost.